Although most if not all Hybrid car models still utilize the normal combustion engine, Hybrid cars should not be treated like a normal car. Do this, and you’ll end up with a shortened Hybrid battery lifespan and subsequently, higher repair bills. The Hybrid battery packs are mainly based on Lithium-ion or Li-Ion batteries while some Hybrids are using Nickel-Metal-Hydride or NIMH batteries. Just like your handphone battery which is based on Li-Ion batteries, they are very sensitive to heat and over-charging.

Hybrid Battery Blower and Filter Maintenance

Choked Blower Filter at 81K km, caused overheating of Hybrid Batteries, reducing its lifespan.

On top of the normal oil change for Hybrid cars, Stamford Tyres provide additional services to check and clean the Hybrid Battery Blower and Blower filter. Just like your aircon filter which gets choked up and need to be changed every 20K km, the blower filter must be changed every 40K km and Hybrid battery blower cleaned. Failure to do this and less cool air is sent to the Hybrid battery, the high temperature will gradually damage the Hybrid battery efficiency. Imagine the savings of extending your Hybrid battery lifespan to over 200K km instead of less than 100K km due to poor maintenance.

Corrosion at Hybrid Battery Terminals

Poor Contacts due to Corrosion.

The Hybrid Battery consists of multiple small cells connected in series like a train to provide a high voltage of 400 volts or higher. These series of small copper connectors get corroded due to the high moisture content from our humid climate. The corrosion in turn results in poor conductivity between the individual cells. Take for example your TV remote control, sometimes, you might need to knock it a couple of times or remove the battery cover to move the batteries around to get it to work. If you remove the old batteries, more often than not, the metallic connectors of the remote control are corroded and moving or knock the batteries ‘helped’ to regain the connection and power. You can’t do the same thing to the Hybrid battery and ‘knock’ it to get it to provide the full voltage. Instead, the Hybrid battery is removed and each and every individual terminal is carefully cleaned. The Hybrid charging system can then optimal charge the cells properly & accurately. If not, due to the poor connection, the individual cells are improperly charged, some over-charged, some under-charged and this damages the longevity of Hybrid battery cells.

Hybrid Charging System Repairs

The Car’s electronics are very sensitive to heat and the Hybrid Battery charging system or inverter/converter system works very hard to ensure that the Hybrid battery is properly charged. In a poorly maintained Hybrid car, the charging system has to work doubly hard and this generates high temperatures from the electronics, reducing its lifespan. When this occurs, our team is able to provide diagnostics and repairs to the charging system.

MG1 & MG2 operates as a Starter Motor & Generator.

Contact Information for Stamford Tyres Hybrid Specialist Mega Marts.

Jurong Mega Mart (HQ)
19 Lok Yang Way, Jurong,
Singapore 628635
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455 MacPherson Road,
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Singapore 428972
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