The car’s Hybrid Battery can last for many years and possibly hundreds of thousands of km if it is properly serviced and maintained. Some Hybrid vehicles performing frequent short trips may not have sufficient charging time for the Hybrid battery, thus, contributing to its shorter lifespan.  The Hybrid battery needs to go through proper cycles of charging and discharging in order for the cells to work at its optimal capacity and durability. Stamford Tyres Hybrid Battery Recondition machine performs exactly just that and ‘exercises’ every cell as well as provides a health report of your battery system. This elaborate process takes an estimated 16 hours to complete and delivers to you a rejuvenated battery system.

On top of providing Hybrid Battery Reconditioning, Stamford Tyres also provide reconditioned as well as new OEM & Original batteries for your Hybrid Car.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Machine Report on the Individual Cells.

Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Machine

Reconditioning Machine Connected to Every Individual Cell.

Contact Information for Stamford Tyres Hybrid Specialist Mega Marts.

Jurong Mega Mart (HQ)
19 Lok Yang Way, Jurong,
Singapore 628635
Tel. 6262-3355

MacPherson Mega Mart
455 MacPherson Road,
Singapore 368173
Tel. 6841-3355

East Coast Mega-Mart
355 East Coast Road (Caltex Station)
Singapore 428972
Tel. 6440-3355

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