Stamford Tyres now offers specialized servicing & repair packages for Hybrid Cars for car marques ranging from Toyota, Lexus, Honda, BMW right down to performance brands such as Porsche. We also have our own Hybrid Battery Reconditioning Centre and have trained & certified Hybrid car technicians with the required knowledge & skills to work on these cars. The Hybrid system operates at more than 400 volts, much higher than your household electrical supply and for safety reasons, these vehicles need to be handled by Hybrid trained personnel.

While there are some similarities between Hybrid cars and normal cars as they share similar gasoline or diesel engines, the Hybrid Battery system do require maintenance especially its cooling system as the battery is susceptible to high temperatures which will reduce its lifespan. Stamford Tyres provide services for the maintenance of your Hybrid battery cooling system.


Corroded Hybrid Battery Terminals

With the high humidity of our climate, corrosion easily occurs at the Hybrid battery terminals, reducing the battery performance as well as charging efficiencies. This shortens the lifespan of the Hybrid batteries as the vehicle’s Hybrid battery charging program is not operating correctly due to the loss of proper connection at the terminals.


Choked Hybrid Battery Blower Filter

High temperatures is another factor that reduces the lifespan of the Hybrid Batteries. The Hybrid battery blower should be cleaned and filter replaced to ensure a high flow of cool air to the Hybrid battery.

Stamford Tyres maintenance regime for Hybrid cars will help you save money by extending the lifespan of your Hybrid Battery. Delay the recommended intervals and you’ll risk a costly repair bill.

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