How long can my Hybrid Battery last?

Generally, Hybrid Batteries can last over 200K km provided there is proper maintenance and care of the cooling system. This includes the Hybrid battery blower, the filter as well as the coolant pump system.


How often should I clean the blower system & change the filter?

It is advisable to get the blower cleaned at every 40k km and the filter changed. The aircon filter is changed at every 20k km and it gets very dirty. The same goes with the Hybrid blower filter as the same cabin air is being circulated. A choked filter reduces the amount of cooled air to the Hybrid battery.


Why does the Hybrid Battery terminals need to be checked & cleaned?

The batteries are linked together like a train in series to obtain a combined voltage and are joined together by copper joints. These joints can get oxidized and loses its surface contact just like your normal car battery. Because of the poor contact surface, the battery cells do not receive a proper charge and deteriorate and ultimately, will fail. With preventive maintenance of the terminals, your Hybrid battery will last longer and help you reduce usage cost.


What is the Hybrid Reconditioning Process?

The machine will put every individual battery cell, typically 20 to 38 cells depending on the car model, through multiple discharging and recharging cycles and then, determine its condition based on its charged capacity in Ampere Hours. By ensuring that the cells are equally in good condition, the Hybrid battery is charged to its optimal capacity, increasing its lifespan to close to a new battery. Each process takes approximately 16-18 hours.


Is measuring the Voltage of the individual cells sufficient to determine its condition?

Some workshops without proper equipment and expertise, just measure the voltage of a faulty cell and replace them. Without proper matching of the Ampere Hour capacities of the individual cells, these short-cut methods will cause further deterioration of the good cells and ultimately, force you to change the whole battery pack. Penny wise pound foolish.


Should I Recondition or Replace My Hybrid Battery?

Reconditioning your battery helps you to save cost as well as the environment. A new battery will definitely last longer but when the cost saving versus expected mileage when compared, reconditioning the battery has a huge cost advantage.


AXIO, PRIUS C, AQUA, SIENTA## $1,380 $1,030 $680
PRIUS 2nd/3rd GEN $1,680 $1,319 $958
C-HR $1,680 $1,319 $958
CAMRY XV50/LEXUS ES300H/CT200 $1,980 $1,569 $1,158
Lexus GS450H $2,680 $2,030 $1,380

## Labour for Removal & Refitting of Sienta Hybrid Battery $80

# Exchange with Original Hybrid Battery Unit

# Prices are Nett inclusive of GST

* Labour for Removal & Refitting $60


Class 1 Hybrid Battery Warranty – 24 months or 100,000 km whichever comes first

Class 2 Hybrid Battery Warranty – 12 months or 60,000 km whichever comes first

Class 3 Hybrid Battery Warranty – 6 months or 30,000 km whichever comes first

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