Why do I feel vibration from the wheels when I drive?

Unbalanced tyres or wheels (rims) can cause rough ride and vibration. Both static and dynamic tyre balancing for passenger cars are very important for smooth driving. It is necessary to balance your tyres every 10,000 Km.

How do I maintain good tyres and longer tyre life?

The most important step to maintain good tyres and longer tyre life is to inflate the tyre with proper air pressure. You should check the air pressure periodically. Checking air pressure must be done when the tyres are cool in order to get precise air pressure. You should check tyre pressure at least once a week.

How often should I rotate my tyres?

Since each tyre wears differently due to road surface, driving habits, load, etc. It is advisable to rotate your tyres every 7,500 Km – 10,000 Km for Radial tyres, in order to obtain even wear and longer tread life.

How do I clean tyres?

Always clean tyres with clean water when the tyre sidewall is dirty, because mud or soil can deteriorate the tyre sidewall compound. Check tyres frequently to remove trapped stones from the tread grooves. Stones, trapped in the tread grooves for a long time, can cause a drilling cut into the tread and crack at the groove.

What does fitment in rims mean?

This term is used to refer to physical specifications of the wheel and availability of sizes that will fit a vehicle. So, fitment specifications for a particular wheel and vehicle include bolt pattern, offset, wheel width and wheel diameter. Let’s say you want a particular wheel for your car; select Rims (Wheels) and it will guide you to the styles available and the sizes that fit.

I just hit something in the road; how do I find out if my wheel is ok?

If you have a vibration or pulling symptom, chances are you may have damaged the wheel. Again, go to the nearest Stamford Tire Mart and let them inspect your wheels. We will place each assembly on the balancing machine and check for run-out (a hoop or wobble). If you have a damaged wheel, get the unit repaired or replaced immediately and avoid further problems. Bear in mind, crack wheels mean great danger in high speed driving.

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